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Listings Like Realtors®

(Prices and inventory current as of Nov 30, 1999)

See Pictures and updates (icon)See photos and updates from listings directly in your feed

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Houses For Sale Bellmore, NY

Find Your Perfect Home With The Beacon Realty Group.​

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Find Your Dream Home In Bellmore, NY

With over 20 years of experience, The Beacon Realty Group Real Estate can guide you through the home buying process. The Beacon Realty Group helps you not only buy a home, but the right home!

Our Signature 6-Step Process


RepresentationWe will guide you through every step of the home buying process to make finding your perfect home as stress-free as possible.


FinancingThe Beacon Realty Group will help you obtain the proper financial documentation and keep it current in order to strengthen your offer when purchasing your new home in Bellmore.


FeaturesFrom the home features you are looking for to the neighborhood location you want, we will keep all the details of your new home in mind when searching for you. The Beacon Realty Group is committed to finding you the perfect fit.


TouringThe Beacon Realty Group will set up showings in Bellmore to help you find your home. We can zero in on your needs and reveal the type of neighborhood that is perfect for you and your family by visiting properties.


NegotiationWe will work with you and guide you in negotiating the best offer for your perfect home!


ClosingThe Beacon Realty Group is with you every step of the way, making the closing a seamless, stress-free process.

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A member of theThe Beacon Realty Group will set up a 30 minute discovery call. During that conversation, we will determine both if we are a good fit for each other and get clarity on what you are looking for in your perfect home, your budget, and what area of Bellmore you are looking to buy in.


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Let us get your home search in Bellmore started. We will formalize our partnership with an easy to understand agreement, with a 100% cancellation guarantee. With a formal partnership in place, we will start working on your behalf right away.

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Life In Bellmore, NY

Welcome To The Bellmores

An urban hamlet nestled in Nassau County on Long Island’s south shore, Bellmore offers quaint, luxury living with an urban lifestyle to provide the best of both worlds in New York. 

The hamlet is divided into two sections, Bellmore and North Bellmore hence, The Bellmores

There are millennials looking to own their first piece of real estate to start a family to retirees who want to have a relaxing and comfortable time throughout their golden years enjoying everything that Bellmore offers.

Parks And Beaches Near Bellmore​

The hamlet of Bellmore started out as a small beach town, and has not strayed from such an appealing atmosphere as you can see thousands of private boats moored up along the two waterfront peninsulas just south of Merrick Road. Today, it is still a favorite summer destination due to its 5-mile location from Jones Beach State Park. 

While there isn’t any public beach or marina in Bellmore, this doesn’t stop residents from enjoying the other range of outdoor activities found here. People head out to Newbridge Road Park to take part in outdoor swimming pools, sports grounds and picnic areas. If fishing or viewing wildlife is your pastime, then the two freshwater ponds at Mill Pond that will suit your fancy.

Ideal Location For Families​

Working professionals eagerly seek out homes for sale in this location as they can make the 27-mile commute into nearby Manhattan by either driving or taking the Long Island Railroad. In addition, John F. Kennedy International Airport is only a 15-minute drive (without traffic of course) away from Bellmore.

 With rising home prices and competitive home listings, Bellmore is the ideal neighborhood where people are close enough to work while they can go to a place away from the hectic hustle and bustle of the more densely populated boroughs of NYC. The region also features 12 schools offering elementary, secondary and high school education for families who have school-aged children.

When walking past the well-manicured lawns and watching the leisure boats along the channel, you will soon enter the shopping and restaurant corridor along Bedford Avenue in the downtown area. Annual street festivals are lively events while you can go shopping for a new outfit, have a great evening dining with the family, or go out for drinks with friends.

A Great Mixture Of Old-Time Charm With Modern Amenities

The clock in downtown North Bellmore

If looking for homes for sale, you will find a wide variety of house styles, such as Cape Cods to historical homes. 

Bellmore went through a revitalization period back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. So much of the historical area has been updated to reflect the current preferences of the younger home buyers. Still, local organizations are seeking to save and preserve the many historical buildings as you can spot some while driving to work or school.

At Bellmore, you will find a small urban neighborhood that has a great mixture of old-time charm with modern amenities. 

If you are looking for a more affordable place that is still close to Manhattan and New York City, North Bellmore and Bellmore are great destinations that offer a lot of features.

Want To Know More About Life In The Bellmores?

Here is an article we wrote titled “Six Things You Should Know About Bellmore NY Real Estate“. Give it a read and let us know what you think.

Six Things You Should Know About Bellmore NY Real Estate​

Interested in Bellmore, NY? Read our blog post that takes a deeper dive on the area.


We Are Your #1 Choice For Buying A Home In Bellmore, NY

The Beacon Realty Group is your #1 choice when finding your dream home in Bellmore, NY. As your partner in the home buying process, we will do everything in our power to get you in the perfect home for you and your family.

I have worked side by side with the agents at The Beacon Realty Group for years now and have always had a positive experience. The clients always know what to expect and are well informed they take the time to listen to the clients needs. I highly recommend them for all your real estate needs.

-Lisa Zambelli
Mortgage Loan Originator, Cliffco Mortgages

Let The Beacon Realty Group Put You In Your Dream Home!​

Call or fill out our form to start the home buying process today! We will set up a discovery call and start the home buying process.